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Buyer defines terms of trade

Direct trade and payment between Buyer and Seller

Procurement with full competition

Added value to Buyer and Seller

Documentation and transparency

BiomassAuctions - CO2 matters

Slurry and fat
Hay and straw
Loose weight
Tiles and wood
Pills and briquettes
Loose weight
Grass and silage



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Auctions across the country

  • Direct trade between heating plants and manufacturers, no intermediaries
  • Provides delivery opportunities for small and local vendors
  • Both spot quantities and main quantities can be traded, with different conditions/assumptions and the heating plant's own contracts
  • Documentation for competitive procurement for consumers and the board of directors/owners
  • Payment directly from the heating plant to the supplier


  • Better ability to plan consumption and delivery deadline
  • Free for heating plants offering more than 3000 tonnes/year
  • The heating plant can set a max price to protect against unacceptable bids
  • Payment of fees for using BiomassAuctions is only made after the delivery and based on the actually delivered quantity
  • Full anonymity with dynamic bid identification, which means no one can see who the bidder is